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Tiger Eyes
January 2, 2008

 This poem is dedicated to, and written for my beloved son Yousef. I hope that one day you will grow up and read it to me.

 Tiger eyes, a glimpse of you is like magic,

My obsession with you is truly tragic,

Gazing into your eyes, I feel I could fly,

I will not let go, til the day I die,


Tiger Eyes, you’re like an open book,

I can read your life, simply through that look,

When you smile, my heart skips a beat,

And I remember the sweet pitter-patter of your feet,

 Tiger Eyes, If only I could show you how I love you so,

When you grow up, of me you would never let go,

But that time will come someday, I know

And all I will have, are sweet memories that I will never throw,


Tiger Eyes, I love you so,

Tiger Eyes, I love you so,

Tiger Eyes, Oh how I love you so.

Written By: Noura, Daughter of The Moon

Note: The poems that I post on this blog belong to me, and are written by me, so please do not steal them, and if you want to use them, please notify me first, thank you.