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On Friendship
September 4, 2007


Toomz asked me to talk about my ideal friendship. Thinking about my friends over the years, I realize that in the past, I always looked for close relationships, where I would just have one very close friend that I shared all my secrets with and spent all my time with. I never looked to make more friends, and I used to avoid the social scene. Maybe it’s the Cancer in me?

Then, as time went by, and as I encountered several bad friendship experiences, I began to let go of this “BFF” concept. I started looking for more shallow and distant friendships, where you would just hang out with several people, have a good time and that was it. Trust became an issue. In some ways I feel that has hurt many potentially good friendships because I used to back off when people would ask me questions that I would see personal. Sometimes I would even steer people in the wrong direction and give them an impression of me that really isn’t “me”. I guess that was my way of protecting myself.

 Today, it’s a mix of both. I do have those close friends whom I have learned to trust and pour my heart out to, and I also have the friends whom I only socialize with. I love them all!

 I still haven’t answered the question though. What’s my idea of an ideal friendship? An ideal friend (in my opinion), is one who tries to be there whenever you need them, and if they were unable to, they would explain why they weren’t, just to make sure you know that they tried. Someone who doesn’t push you into answering questions that you don’t wanna answer…they would wait for you to open up on your own. Someone who just has a good time with you no matter what you’re doing…being shopping and partying all day, or just moping aroung on the couch. Someone who doesn’t talk behind your back.

The list goes on….but sadly, I’m at work and I got heaps to finish! In summary…somebody who is PERFECT ;p