Guess what?? Next weekend is your chance to take a pranic healing course, and become a Pranic Healer yourself! What is Pranic Healing? For those of you who are Grey’s Anatomy fans, their last episode was about Pranic Healing. For those of you who don’t watch it, here’s a little introduction:

 Everyone has the innate ability to heal and relieve pain. With PRANIC HEALING, you can easily learn to cultivate and awaken this power within you to help yourself and others in a very short time. It is easy to learn. Any relatively healthy person with average intelligence, the ability to concentrate, that has an open but discriminative mind and a certain amount of persistence can learn PRANIC HEALING. Pranic healing is a no-touch method of healing using energy. Learn how to interact and feel energy by healing yourself and others. It can treat anything ranging from a headache, allergies, arthritis, asthma and much more! Its very simple and very effective )   

Some of what Participants will learn:

  • scan the energy field,
  • cleanse and remove stagnant energy that blocks the natural flow, to maintain and retain the energized state,
  • how the eleven major energy centers relate to internal organs,
  • the basic seven techniques of Pranic Healing,
  • pranic breathing and self healing techniques.                                                              

 An eye opening experience! Try it and see for yourself!  

 See how it works

Cost KD 88/-    

Location: Khorafi Training Center, Dasma

Its a two day course, a teacher from Dubai Mr. Prakash will teach this course.Cost KD 88/- Includes meditation CD and Book.

Timings: Friday Jan 25th      9am – 6pm
              Saturday Jan 26th   9am – 6pm  
Limited Seats Hurry!

Lunch and Snacks included  

For registration: or call 9735344 May AlNajjar (

Don’t miss this chance! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. 7abebty intay walla i really cant thank you enough for all your efforts! tara kilish maybe only few seats left… Hurry!

  2. :* the least i can do babe!

    And im so proud that the class is full :))))

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