The Room

It’s dark. The room is dark and pitch black. I look around, trying to find a way out. There is none. Somehow I realize, there is no door. There is no window. It’s just a dark, black room. I can’t see a thing. I’m calm, but I need to find a way out. I close my eyes and open them. Nothing. I feel the urge to scream, and I don’t resist. I close my eyes, and scream as loud as I can. And, with every scream, the color of the room changes with a flash. I know I’m closing my eyes, but I can still see the color of the room changing. From black it became grey, dark blue, crimson red, bright red, dark green, light green, sea blue, baby blue, light pink, lilac, and finally (when I stop screaming) white. Pure white. Suddenly, a door appears in front of me. A white door. I look to my left, and a window starts to form. Outside, there is a beautiful, blossoming tree. The sky is crystal clear, and beautifully blue. There is green grass all over the place, and a white dove flies and sits on a tree branch. It sang, and my heart sang with it. The door opens, and a bright light shines through. I look at the window, and then at the light. Which way shall I choose to go?
Written By: Noura, Daughter of The Moon

This is a vision that I see very often. It didn’t start off like this, but it developed into this. What do you think it means?


2 Responses

  1. beautifully expressed.
    i think it means that something hurt so bad, and it keeps piling up, no one knows about it but you. A secret you cannot escape from by telling someone else (no door no window)- no straight forward way out of it, and no short cutts. You had to face it. You let it out, all the emotions flowing out. You feel relieved and in control of your life again, coz now no bad circumstance can control you…. i think thatz wat it means.

  2. Heart Kracker: I like your explanation to it…very meaningful. Thanks :*

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