Pranic Healing, In Kuwait!

One morning, I was having tea with my friend at work, when May walked in. She sat down gracefully, and joined us in our conversation. Somewhere along the conversation, she mentioned that she is hosting a course on Pranic Healing. I was interested and asked her what it was about. When she explained, I grew more and more interested in learning about Pranic Healing.  Somehow, I got busy with my very busy life, and it didn’t exactly slip away from my mind, it was still there, but I sort of set it aside.  Until one day, I was walking along a corridor and a pile of dust fell right into my eyes. I got asthma all night and my eyes were red and irritated.

The next morning, I was explaining what happened to that same friend at work, and what do you know, May walks in. I told her what happened, and she told me that she could heal me. That’s when a flashback whizzed through my brain, and I remembered Pranic Healing. I began asking her more questions, and I realized what a peaceful person she is. She is so full of peace and love…I don’t know how to describe her! But she gives you a sense of serenity when she is around, and I felt good about that and decided to go to a healing session. After the session, I felt different. I won’t talk about it because I don’t want people to think that I’m advertizing here because I’m seriously not. I’m simply expressing myself in my blog, and this is truly how I feel, and truly what i experienced. I felt different. I felt like someone else. I was born again, somehow. I was a more peaceful me. I’m still who I am, but there’s something inside me that feels so good…just like that feeling of serenity I described when May walks into the room.

I told May that I will be attending the Healing Course because I want to learn to heal others too! It’s simply amazing. You can do that too by attending the Pranic Healing Course (check for the details).

Today I had another chat with May, and she told me a wonderful story, and I’m still thinking about it. I told her that I can never seem to forgive anyone who has hurt me. I do eventually, but it takes a very long time for me to do that and I would never forget if a person did something bad to me. She told me that I should try to see the good in people and to forget the bad. It’s easy to say that, I know…but actually try to do that. Eventually you will see them as good people, and you will love them, and through this love, they will change and truly become good people. For all you scientific people out there, this makes total sense, because in one of those Psychological Scientific studies, forgot which one, scientists found that if you tell a person that they’re bad, even if they’re not, eventually they become bad, and vice versa.

So from today, this is going to be my mission, to learn to forgive and forget. Afterall, I would only be harming myself with all the negativity if I decided to remember 😉


9 Responses

  1. 7abebty i really cant thank you enough for all your effort and support :* you exude such sweetness that is so touching

    glad to really have met you finally 😀

  2. it’s a pleasure, and i’m even happier to have met you 🙂

  3. ummm forgiving is wat i do, and wat am really good at. And am trying to convince certain ppl into it. But forgetting that the person had hurt you, i dono, itz not that easy.
    You know wat I always say? That I gotta forgive, not coz the other person deserves it, but coz i deserve a pure un-agitated heart. And when you forgive the person you never think about them again, but wen u dont, thoughts about them will keep haunting you. Thatz y >I< forgive.

  4. that’s a wonderful way for a new fresh start!

  5. Heart Kracker: you are so right…thinking about them will haunt u forever…

    pearls: thanx :*

  6. Heart Kracker: right on! if u r still thinking about it it means that you didnt really forget 🙂

    Pearls: one of my early morning rituals is actually to put a list of ppl i need to forgive and then the other list of ppl im asking for their forgiveness… they r usually the same

  7. mochmoch: do u actually go tell them that u forgive them ? and do u go apologize to the people u ask forgiveness from?

  8. no i dont have to go directly and tell them to their face cuz some of them are really ancient and by now i probably lost their contacts even but i know that they still affect me so what i do i visualise them infront of me and forgive them
    As for the ppl i hurt i apologise to them and i ask God to forgive me this also happens not to their faces of course otherwise i wouldve asked for their forgiveness directly and sometimes they may not even give me their forgiveness thats why i ask God cuz God always forgives 🙂

  9. Thanks May 🙂 I was curious because I needed to know how to do it 🙂

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